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CO2 release cabinet or release box consist of two pilot CO2 cylinders or bottles containing CO2 gas inside. The pressure of CO2 inside these pilot bottles is same as that of main CO2 bottles. Only quantity of gas is different. For releasing CO2 to the protected space, one of the pilot bottle valve is opened As CO2 reaches the head assembly from pilot bottle, pneumatic actuator in the head moves and opens the pressure operated cylinder valve. Then CO2 from main bottle escapes to the common manifold via non return valve as shown. Each of the main CO2 cylinder have a head assembly and non return valve. The pilot CO2 line is connected to all these heads 3. CO2005-RB-015-BK. 1/2″ x 18″ Discharge hose with Check valve. 4. CO2058-RB-300-BK. Pilot loop 1/4 x 300mm. 5. CO2054-CS-022-SP. Pilot cylinder with Solenoid valve 2.2kg

N2 pilot cylinders from panel. The N2 pilot cylinders run CO2 cylinders via a pilot hose that connected to N2 Pilot cylinders. After that for opening relative directional valve and co2 cylinders of the area which is in fire, N2 gas will be flowed through pilot tubes from master cylinders A Co2 system of machinery spaces consists of a bank of Co2 bottles that can be operated from a remote place located away from the machinery spaces. The system also consists of pilot Co2 cylinders which control the activation of the bank of Co2 bottles. The Pilot cylinders are contained in a control box and are normally kept disconnected CO2 System Setup Type A, With Solenoid Actuated Pilot Cylinder LPG CO2 systems are equipped with two types of valves totally developed by LPG. LPG 128 valve is installed in the pilot cylinder enables the electrical activation by means of a solenoid or pyrotechnic charge

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on top of each reserve pilot cylinder) System Safety Carbon dioxide systems are designed in accordance with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards, which require a minimum carbon dioxide concentration of 34%. These design con-centrations will not support human life. Visual and audible warnings must be pro Components In Co2 System. >Control cabinets. Control cabinets contains 2 pilot cylinders with two valves .one is for operating Master valve and the other one is for extinguishers . Control cabinet door is connected to a limit switch. When you open the control cabinet, limit switch get activated and Co2 alarm will raise after 20-30 seconds and as a.

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1. Install the Cylinder Brackets and the Pilot Bracket on the Wall. 2. Place the Cylinders and the Pilot Cylinder on the Brackets and Secure the Nuts. 3. Connect the Pilot Cylinder Valve to the Valve of the 1st Cylinder of the System using the appropriate Flexible Hose (21,78mm - 3/ 8). 4. Connect the Valves of the System Cylinders to each. 6 lb capacity Pilot Cylinder, charged with Nitrogen at 1450 PSI, equipped with NF 20/N2V valve. The pilot valve is complete with pressure gauge, solenoid valve and manual actuator. The opening of the valve causes the discharge of nitrogen into the pneumatic line, driving the actuation of cylinders CO2 System Setup Type A, With Solenoid Actuated Pilot Cylinder. Available variations: - CO2001-CS-450-KV. - CO2023-BR-XXX-XX. - CO2005-RB-015-BK 2 - Pilot hose. 3 2.3.8 Instruction signs and operating instructions. 3 2.3.9 CO 2 - Cylinder clamps. 3 2.3.10 CO 2 - Pilot cylinders. 3 2.3.11 CO 2 - pipes / CO 2 - nozzles 3 2.4 Monthly check. 3 2.4.1 CO 2 - discharge hose / pilot hoses. 3 2.4.2 CO 2 - cylinder valves. 4 2.4.3 CO 2 - piping / master valves. 4 2.4.4 CO 2 - cylinders. 4 2.4.5 C

2.1.1 Carbon dioxide high pressure system. Carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless, electrically non-conductive gas that is a suitable medium for extinguishing fires. Liquid carbon dioxide forms dry ice snow when released directly into the atmosphere. Physical properties: Molecular weight 44,0 Density at 0 OC/1 Bar 2,0 kg/m3 Specific gravity 1, High mass flow rates are achieved as the Kidde Fire Protection High Pressure CO2 system uses large bore cylinder valves. The system reacts within the first few seconds of a fire. This feature can make the difference between a nuisance and a disaster. The fast action of the control system and valve enables this to happen. CO2 is clean. CO2 is one of the most familiar of all gases and is a colourless, odourless, dry, inert gas When releasing the system, the main distribution valve opens. The pilot gas to the pressure operated CO2 cylinder top valve is delayed for a specified time. After the delay, the cylinder top valves open Extinguishing fi re using CO2 CO2 gas suffocates fire by reducing the oxygen content, thereby breaking the combustion chain

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  1. The Pilot Cylinder must be used with the DAB supplied mounting bracket (part number D20001/02). Remove the mounting bracket from the packaging first and install at the desired position using two M8 screws. Ensure the fixings are suitable and adequate for the combined weight of the bracket and Pilot Cylinder. Th
  2. bank of CO2 cylinders, a Pressure Operated Directional (POD) valves is installed in each of the CO2 main feed pipe leading to the designated areas. CO2 gas from pilot cylinders connected to the inlet port will open valve. Size (mm) 1/4 (32) 1-1/2 (38) 2 (50) 2-1/2 (65) 3 (80) 4 (100) 6 (150) Code No. CO2010-CS-032-NA CO2010-CS-040-N
  3. System Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the most effective fire extinguishing agents available on the market. In non-occupied environment, you will typically find CO2 fire extinguishing system installed Pilot Cylinder Electrical-manual Actuator Selector Valve Selector Valve Assembl

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  1. MSC.1/Circ.1318 . Guidelines for the maintenance and inspections of fixed Carbon Dioxide fire-extinguishing systems. The Committee, at its eighty-sixth session (27 May to 5 June 2009), having considered the proposal by the Sub-Committee on Fire Protection, at its fifty-third session, approved Guidelines for the maintenance and inspections of fixed carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing systems, as.
  2. The system also consists of pilot Co2 cylinders which control the activation of the bank of Co2 bottles. The Pilot cylinders are contained in a control box and are normally kept disconnected. The system is connected to the pilot cylinders and the control box with the help of steel wires or flexible pipes
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  4. Home Co2 Systems CO2 System Setup Type A, With Solenoid Actuated Pilot Cylinder. CO2 System Setup Type A, With Solenoid Actuated Pilot Cylinder. Available variations: Pilot cylinder with Solenoid valve 2.2kg: 6 CO2014-BR-003-NA Vent bleed valve 1/8″ BSP: 7 CO2069-BR-020-NA Safety valve 3/4″ BSP:
  5. 15.In the CO2 Pilot Cylinder cabinet, open pilot cylinder valve first. This will intiate the Co2 activation followed by time delay of 60-90 second. 16.Now the system pressure can be checked from the pressure gauge on the manifold.
  6. cylinder to discharge its content. Drain Valve MATERIAL Brass M42 X 1.5 G 1/8 Valve Body Inlet Connection Pneumatic Connection CO2 PNEUMATIC RELEASE ACTUATOR OPERATING PARAMETER Pmax = 340 Bar Pmax = 250 Bar Pmax = 150 Bar Working Pressure 20 Bar for 300 Bar System 15 bar for CO and 200 Bar System 10 Bar for System ² Drain Valve MATERIAL.
  7. Co2 in this pilot cylinder will open certain number of cylinders which are dedicated for the machinery spaces. It also opens the master valve which is opened well before the release of the Co2. After level is pushed, there is a time delay unit which will release the pilot cylinder gas to open the main bottles

When CO2 from pilot cylinder (CO2 release cabinet) reaches the time delay unit, the pressure acts on the pressure switch. This closes the pressure switch. But the timer allows power supply to the solenoid only after 60-90 seconds; the timing can be adjusted as required CO2 Master / Pilot Cylinder Non-Returnable valave suitable for CO2 System. High Pressure brass adapter for Nitrogen master / pilot cylinder . CO2 system Discharge Horn / Nozzle with adapter. High Pressure brass fittings for CO2 System. 45 Kgs Filled / unfilled CO2 Cylinder with Slave Valve fitted with Safety Cap

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Co2 System. CO2 or Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive gas CO2 systems are equipped with two types of valves which totally developed. 128 valve is installed in the pilot cylinder enables the electrical activation by means of a solenoid or pyrotechnic charge CO2. Fire Suppression Systems can be automatically or manually activated, while the activation can be effected mechanically, pneumatically or electrically or from another combination of the above depending on existing conditions. CO2 is stored in normal temperature conditions in steel Cylinders. Multiple Cylinder Batteries can be applied to.

Make sure the CO2 cylinder is full and firmly screwed and ensure the firing handle is visible outside the lifejacket cover. ºCheck the colour of the firing indicator. GB IMPRESSION PANTONE 281 SUPPORT : OFFSET 80 GRS 18 juin 2015 62235_02.cdr º Check also the expiry date on the automatic cartridge or the hydrostatic firing system Carbon Dioxide (CO 2) Flow Calculations Eric W. Forssell-Senior Engineer NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION RESEARCH FOUNDATION. SUPPRESSION, DETECTION AND SIGNALING RESEARCH AN

CO2 fire extinguishing systems - on board. LALIZAS highly skilled technicians are able to carry out the service of your CO 2 System, both HP and LP types. Having an extended experience, we have all the knowledge required to offer replacement parts for systems. Our priority is always to specify your requirements and direct you to our services. CO2 Flooding System on Ships is the most commonly use fixed fire-fighting system on ships.. In this system, a large quantity of CO2 releases to protect Engine Room, and Pump Room during the time of a big fire.. CO2 bottles/cylinders flood CO2 to machinery spaces where the fire has occurred ( Engine Room or Pump Room ), CO2 from bottle is directed to common manifold then to main valve (master. Walter Kidde CO2 system Figure 14.15 is a schematic layout of a Walter Kidde CO2 system in which pilot CO2 cylinders are used to open the distribution system main stop valve and subsequently the valves on the individual cylinders. The system shown has two banks of cylinders

Carbon dioxide or CO 2 is a colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive gas that is highly efficient as a fire suppression agent. Fike Carbon Dioxide fire protection systems use intelligent, reliable and fast-acting control panels to quickly sense a fire before it can cause damage to property. Carbon dioxide gas has a high rate of expansion, which allows a Fike CO 2 fire protection system. CO2 SYSTEM COMPONENTS: S.No Part No Description Data Sheet; 1: BIH001/MV- 48/68: CO2 Cylinder Master Assembly consist of CCOE approved 68ltr w/c cylinder filled with 45kg CO2 gas with valve operated by 24vDC solenoid and manual lever Carbon Dioxide (CO 2) Historically most renowned and researched fire suppression agent, making it highly customizable according to the hazard being protected. Even though it is not ideal for human occupied spaces (mandatory safety precautions must be taken if people are present), it is the most effective gas for the suppression of a wide range.

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After time delay the solenoids for release of the adjacent CO2-cylinder groups are activated. The red LED in the button is on. The red LED CO2 RELEASED flashes steadily after successfull release of the extinguishing system (e.g. indicated by a pressure switch in CO2 pipe). For electrical connection a 4-wire bus cable is required Better still, Unitor™ gas solutions are supported worldwide by a service network that's dedicated to keeping your fleet fully supplied and compliant with current port and environmental regulations. Wilhelmsen has supplied gas cylinders requested by the vessel within a short notice and always goes the extra mile to satisfy our requirements Rotarex Firetec, world leading producer of certified fire suppression valves, components and complete fire protection systems that keep people, buildings and equipment safer from fire High and Low Pressure CO2 System CO2 systems are used as total flooding systems in engine rooms, machinery spaces and cargo holds. The HP system consists of a number of CO2 cylinders, whose outlets are connected to a common manifold. From there, the CO2 is directed, via selector valves, into the various protected spaces Steel Pilot Cylinder 3Lt capacity, containing Nitrogen, with manually, fuse activated valve or electrically activated valve depending on the requirements of the user (Pilot Cylinder is used in case of a battery of more than two cylinders). Cylinder is CE certified according 97/23/EC by (TUV) (CE 0036)

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Pilot pressure is directed to a pressure operated control head on each cylinder valve using pilot/actuation hose. The tees, elbows and adaptors are used for interconnection of actuation hoses and Pneumatic operated control heads in multiple cylinder system installations SRI CO2 System Setup Type B, With Pyrocharge Actuation. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin ut orci aliquet, faucibus leo sed, mollis risus. Donec sodales tempus ligula, vel egestas leo consectetur et. Aliquam hendrerit est non tellus ultricies pharetra. Curabitur at quam eu justo tempus convallis id eu augue Kidde Fire Suppression System Component Description 108 cu. inch Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder and Bracket DESCRIPTION The Kidde Fire Suppression Systems 108 cu. in. capacity Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder is factory charged to 1800 PSIG (124 bar) with dry nitrogen and is designed for use as a pilot cylinder. The cylinder valve is a 5/8-inch bore desig

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  1. CO2 flooding system or central bank CO2 system is one of the common fixed fire fighting system installed on most of the ships. It releases carbon dioxide (CO2) in bulk quantity to a protected space (such as engine room, cargo hold, purifier room, pump room, etc.) under fire
  2. Every CO2 system, NAO, Inc. supplies is manufactured according to client specifications. Standard systems are made of cylinder assemblies, valves, actuators, manifold and discharge nozzles. For each system, cylinder(s) are configured as pilot cylinders and therefore they are equipped with an actuator that provides local or remote valve opening
  3. All Monthly Ship Low Pressure CO2 system Verify that the vapour supply line valve is secured in the open position. MSC.1/Circ. 1318, para 4.2.4 All Monthly Ship Low Pressure CO2 system The boundaries of the protected space should be visually inspected to confirm that no modifications have been made to the enclosure tha
  4. CO2 HP cylinder choices are between 25 lbs. to 100 lbs. Hose reel line systems, directional valve system options, lockout valves and lockout circuits are all available. Standard System consists of a High flow Klem cylinder valve with a choice of automatic or manual operation. Pilot cylinder or direct acting solenoid operating system
  5. Pilot cylinder - A cylinder containing gas (usually CO2 or nitrogen) and stored in an enclosure separate and remote from the main CO2 cylinders Pilot line - The piping system that leads the gas from the pilot cylinder(s) to the CO2 cylinder bank Remote release - The means to discharge CO2 into a compartment on fire that is located away from the.

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Time Delay Unit in CO2 Flooding System. CO2 from the pilot bottles in the release cabinet reaches the main CO2 bottle head assembly through a time delay unit. The function of this time delay unit is to delay the supply of CO2 to the head assembly for 60 - 90 seconds. In other words, when valve 2 in the release cabinet is opened, CO2 reaches. FIXED CO2 FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM. Requirement of fixed CO2 in machinery spaces. At least 50% of CO2 to be discharged in one min and about 85% of CO2 to be discharged in 2min. 1kg of CO2 should cover 0.56 cubic's of area number of cylinders should be calculated accordingly; 30% of gross volume of largest cargo space

The nominal cylinder outlet area in square millimeters (inches) is determined by multiplying the factor 0.015 (0.0022 if using square inches) by the total capacity in kilograms (pounds) of all carbon dioxide cylinders in the system, except in no case must the outlet area be of less than 71 square millimeters (0.110 square inches) 1-K97699 Pressure Switch N2 Pilot for K62462A Pilot Valve & Cylinder Assembly 6-03-6645-0000 Pneumatic and electrical release 1-E9651-002 N2 0.25L Pilot cylinder & valve 1-D8522-001 Old Solenoid Das Assembly D8562-001 1-251821 CO2 discharge hose ¾ NPT x 16.4 (5/8) 1-872450 Discharge head plain nut K-81-106 Overview. Overview. Carbon Dioxide is the original clean agent that suppresses fire without leaving behind an agent to damage sensitive equipment, and because there is no agent to clean up, you are back in business faster. Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions offer both High and Low pressure systems. Carbon Dioxide is a plentiful, non-corrosive. Co2 Flooding System Master & Slave Cylinder Operation. Generally we found series of cylinders installed near to control rooms, turbines, electronic/electrical equipment etc to extinguish the fire in case of short circuits, burn outs or any fire incidents. The cylinders may contain CO2, Argonite etc gases to extinguish the fire Co2 Flooding System. Silvertech is one of the top Co2 flooding suppliers in Maharashtra A Carbon dioxide(Co2) flooding system is used to displace the oxygen in the protected space and thus extinguish the fire. The carbon dioxide is stored as a liquid under pressure in cylinders. The volume of space to be protected determines the number of cylinders required

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3. Make sure the pilot orifice located between the inner and outer O-ring in unobstructed. 4. Make sure the discharge port is clean and unobstructed. 5. Install discharge head on cylinder valve. Tighten se-curely.! WARNING The CO2 cylinder must be permanently connected into the system piping. Never attach the discharge head to the cylinder. Fixed CO2 & HALON Installation for cargo ships. CO2 room - A fully-separated space designed and equipped for the storage of CO2 cylinders. CO2 room shall be located aft off the collision bulkhead. As far as possible, the CO2 room should be located on the open deck Fike's PROINERT 2 is the safest, most economical natural fire protection solution available in inert gases IG-55, IG-541, IG-100 or IG-01. Inert gas fire suppression systems are the safe, natural way to extinguish a fire. Because of its unique patented valve assembly, Fike's PROINERT ® agent enters the protected room within the industry. Every Pilot comes with a 280-hp* 3.5-litre, 24-valve, Direct Injection, SOHC, i-VTEC ® V6 engine with 262 lb.-ft. of torque*. And to help every litre go further, the Variable Cylinder Management ® (VCM ®) system is designed to automatically switch between 6 and 3 cylinders, depending on the driving conditions Sistem pemadam api jenis Co2 system 1. Definasi: Satu jenis Sistem Pemasangan Tetap Pemadaman Kebakaran yang mendiscajkan gas Karbon Dioksida (CO2) Secara Otomatik / Manual untuk mengurangkan Konsentrasi Oxygen atau Gas Mudah Terbakar, atau kedua-duanya di dalam udara sehingga ke takad pembakaran berhenti

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The Autopilot APCG4LP 4 Burner CO2 Generator is made from a powder-coated steel enclosure. This can help it resist moisture, discoloration, and corrosion. With the solid build that this device has then an operation is definitely hassle-free. Once the pilot is lit then that is the only time that the dual solenoid valve will allow fuel to flow on it Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder : 2 kg : Working Power : 200 W : Co2 Filling Rate : 0.67 Kg/L : Mechanical Delay : 20-40 S : Product Description. CO2 Flooding System is automatics suppression system . Mostly used in areas where Manual intervention is less, Like paint storage, Paint Shops, Furness,. The pump unloads to tank when the valve shifts to this center condition. The cylinder stays retracted because there is a counterbalance valve on the rod port. In Figure 7-2 the cylinder is pressing at a working pressure of 2800 psi. The 10-in. bore by 40-in. stroke cylinder holds approximately 3141 in.3 of oil Kidde Argonite Inert Gas Fire Suppression System. Developed by Ginge-Kerr over 10 years ago, the Argonite system is a viable, environmentally friendly alternative to Halon. Argonite is effective against fires in almost all combustible materials and flammable liquids, and has been tested and approved by regulatory bodies throughout the world suppression system. The actuation cabinet STV-P1L can be used to actuate the FM-200 needle cylinder valve, or selector valves. It is also used to trigger the agent discharge alarm though the discharge pressure switch. The actuation box assembly consists of a solenoid cutter, an CO2 pilot cylinder 1L 0.65kg, and a discharge pressure switch

Fitech Engineers Private Limited - Offering Co2 Solenoid Cylinder Valve, Gas Cylinder Valves, सिलेंडर वाल्व, Rotarex CO2 System Valves in MIDC, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about company. Get contact details and address| ID: 1584227586 CO2 HP cylinder choices are between 25 lbs. to 100 lbs. Hose reel line systems, directional valve system options, lockout valves and lockout circuits are all available. Standard System consists of a High flow Klem cylinder valve with a choice of automatic or manual operation

Detects up to 6 Different Gases. Longest Lasting Gas Detection. Contact Sales Walter Kidde CO2 system Figure 14.15 is a schematic layout of a Walter Kidde CO2 system in which pilot CO2 cylinders are used to open the distribution system main stop valve and subsequently the valves on the individual cylinders. The system shown has two banks of cylinders Cylinder - Detail - Products » Products » Gas Suppression Systems » CO2 Suppression System Pilot Cylinder (N2) c/w Mouting Bracket / Discharge... Pneumatic Selection Valve / Electric Selection Valve. Evacuate Area Immediately Flashing Sign and Gas.. This device is used to automatically monitor the contents of the CO2 cylinder. When the CO2 gas falls the indicator on the device will show that it is empty and an optional Micro-switch can be installed to send a signal to the control panel. This is the most effective method of monitoring the CO2 gas in the cylinders. item 1 2 3 description. Cylinder Pressure Testing We can provide CO2 system maintenance testing and inspection for the protection system as well as fire-fighting system and appliances are required in accordance with SOLAS chapter II-2/14.2.2/ Which includes weighing of cylinder/ Liquid level measurement, Control valve inspection, Manifold leak testing, Nozzles blow testing, Pilot cylinder checking etc

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This type of control head valve operates the system cylinder through pneumatic principle, which allows the CO2 pressure to open the valve piston in order to discharge the gas in the protected area. The provision of the lever allows the manual operation too. P/N: F1120015 Material : Brass Pilot Pressure min : Pmin = 8 bar for P1=300ba is stored in the system's extinguishing agent container(s) until system activation. The container as-sembly includes a welded or seamless steel cylinder filled with NovecTM 1230 fluid, assembled with the following components: • Cylinder valve with burst disc, pressure gauge, protective neck ring, protective cylinder cap and valve cap Application system Total flooding Storage is a cylinder or cylinders rack of the required extinguishing The racks comprise slave cylinders and a pilot cylinder, except in the case of (IG-55) contains no carbon dioxide (CO2) or halocarbons. There is no chance of toxic decomposition gases being produced, even in contact with heat or a flame Med UP pH-regulatorn kan du sätta din CO2-distribution på auto-pilot och bara dosera CO2 i ditt akvarium när och när det behövs. Det kan också fungera som felsäkert mot slutet på tankdump eller oavsiktlig överdosering High Pressure Valve For Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder For Co2 Fire Extinguishing System , Find Complete Details about High Pressure Valve For Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder For Co2 Fire Extinguishing System,High Pressure Solenoid Valve,Co2 Fire Extinguishing,Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder from Valves Supplier or Manufacturer-Yuyao Hoyan Electronic Co., Ltd

The pilot-scale dual fluidized bed system for the calcium (limestone) looping process to capture CO 2 is illustrated in Fig. 1.The system consists of two fluidized bed reactors: a sorbent calciner/regenerator, which is a circulating fluidized bed combustor upgraded for operation with oxy-fuel firing using flue gas recycle, and a combustor/carbonator, which is divided into two stages and. A CO2 gas fire extinguishing system is usually composed of an extinguishing agent storage cylinder, distribution manifold, pipe network to transport the gas, brackets/clips and suitable dispensers calibrated following approved hydraulic calculation; this allows propagation of the gas in the environment with the necessary design concentration System leaks: Fix leaks. Directional or other valve open due to dirt or failed pilot circuit: Locate damaged part and clean or replace it. Cylinder pipe, piston or seal damaged: Repair or renew damaged parts

Hickory 10All Points Cast Iron 8Pierce Model 107269 Governor Control Module Message CenterWeldon Technologies 6201-0020-00 V-MUX MultiplexAtkinson Dynamics AD25-8-M44 Industrial Intercom Loud

Upon investigation in the CO2 room it was noted that the pilot operated section valve was in open position. After depressurisation, this was closed manually. The lessons to be learnt. The O rings of the valve assembly had become brittle, causing a leak to develop from the pilot cylinder CO2 cylinder valve - function of the push button/cap. shlim (Electrical) (OP) 18 Apr 19 09:47. Dear all, I hope this is the relevant site to post my question. Please re-direct me if there is a better channel in this forum. I came across a CO2 fire suppression system, which had been claimed to have been activated after a small fire inside an. 5/8 I Valve in CO2 cylinder connected to system Safety cap on CO2 cylinder Part number: CO2 Cap Name: Safety Cap Size: n/a Used on: n/a Applicable cylinder sizes: 25lb, 50lb, 75lb and 100lb CO2 cylinders Other information: n/a Kidde Australia - N2 (Nitrogen) Pilot Cylinders Photo (valve) Photo (Safety cap) Safety cap descriptio Rotarex CO2 System Valves Rotarex LPCB and Vds approved CO2 fire cylinder valves, actuators and discharge components with exceptional quality and dependability. All components for CO2 fire safety systems are pre-tested and qualified, with proven performance for building fire protection and room fire protection in over 1 million installations worldwide CO2 Permanent System. Carbon Dioxide constitutes a colourless, odorless and inert gas. During usage, no damage is provoked (contrary to water or dry powder, the use of which can cause important damage to equipment), it is a safe agent for the majority of materials, non - hazardous for food, non - corrosive and non - conductive

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